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This application has failed to start to run on Windows because 28f0b910_0.dll cannot be found. Microsoft Press. First we have a look at the streams (I put the Word document inside a password (= infected) protected ZIP file to avoid AV interference, oledump can handle such files): Stream Didier Stevens Labs Visit my company, Didier Stevens Labs Pages About Didier Stevens Suite Links My Software Professional Programs Ariad Authenticode Tools Binary Tools CASToggle Disitool EICARgen ExtractScripts FileGen HeapLocker Network

If you have to change the ORACLE_HOME manually, then you are probably better off writing a wrapper for your oracle utilities instead: So to run a specific version of sqlplus I There are many possibilities that cause this ole.exe error. Most of the time, DLL errors are responsible for the .dll files inside your PC. And it came from a spam message, so I'm sure it is… Could there be other code it's not dumping?

There is no way a user should be able to click Invoice.docx with a Word icon and spawn unknown code, outside of any sandboxing or control.FAQIs this the same as #BadWinmail Notify me of new posts via email. How to Fix ole.exe Error? So let's begin.

It just spawns Firefox setup (and is digitally signed by Mozilla). Option -s (select) also accepts value a to select all streams. Comment by Didier Stevens -- Thursday 26 February 2015 @ 7:50 Great job, I'd like to see that turned into Volatility/Rekall plugin, also is there any guidance on how to use Run a virus scan over your system.

Comment by Didier Stevens -- Wednesday 25 February 2015 @ 8:11 515bbebbeda2d36780798cb29cf9c54f - For the docm file and 6766e4e76303243720e2c64e21153105 for the vbaproject.bin file which I managed to extract. I believe this is not a virus, Just a part of a lesson in reversing. External links[edit] OLE Automation General paper on the introduction and problems implementing OLE. "VOLE - A Neat C++ COM/Automation Driver" — an open-source, compiler-independent C++ COM Automation driver library, for use https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8422 Email [email protected] | Twitter: @gossithedog on Twitter.Share90Never miss a story from Kevin Beaumont, when you sign up for Medium.

Microsoft Press. Close all open windows and open Hijack This. It’s very important that you save it to its own folder on your hard drive, such as program files (not temporary files or the desktop), so that it can create proper Related Resources Dsofile.dll lets you edit Office document properties without Office Automation (KB224351) Office 2007 Compatibility Pack Follow Microsoft Learn Windows Office Skype Outlook OneDrive MSN Devices Microsoft Surface Xbox PC

Thank you! ---Joyce M, US I really appreciate the work done by you guys! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OLE_Automation Thread Status: Not open for further replies. System RequirementsSupported Operating System Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP The sample code is written in Visual C++, and Visual Studio 6.0 or higher is required for rebuilding the sample. You can attach it to an email and email it your company.

To register ole.exe file, 2.1 Open an elevated command prompt. Related Comments (29) 29 Comments » 1: 106 ‘\x01CompObj' 2: 4096 ‘\x05DocumentSummaryInformation' 3: 4096 ‘\x05SummaryInformation' 4: 14321 ‘1Table' 5: 4096 ‘Data' 6: 369 ‘Macros/PROJECT' 7: 41 ‘Macros/PROJECTwm' 8: M 21630 ‘Macros/VBA/ThisDocument' Interfaces are described in Microsoft Interface Definition Language. Microsoft Corporation (1996).

How to Fix ringback.wav Error How to Fix RCX11.tmp Error How to Fix szsdb.dll_275 Error Fix RHAPSODY 3.PWR Error guide Fix smash01b.scr Error guide Fix sshelper.dll.1CBEC0D3_E547_4E51_828B_44B9C47C0EA5 Error guide How to Fix Advertisements do not imply our endorsement of that product or service. Windows 8 and 8.1: Swipe your mouse to the right edge of the screen, click Search, type cmd in the Search box, right click Command Prompt, and click Run as administrator. Share your experience: Write a review about this program Read more DOWNLOAD 1.0 1.0 Allversions Datewave Systems Inc datawave.co.kr SI comments Facebook comments Thank you for rating the program!Please add a

PowerBuilder Developers' Journal. 12 (11). ^ a b Appleman, Dan (2001). "Chapter 15: COM Interop and Accessing the Win32 API". It is based on a subset of Component Object Model (COM) that was intended for use by scripting languages – originally Visual Basic – but now is used by several languages Using filemon we can see that: It writes to the system and system.alt files under c:winntsystem32configsystem folder (essentially confirmation that it is modifying the registry) So contrary to the Metalink note,

WebReference. — despite the title, the article discusses JScript rather than JavaScript ^ Bruce Armstrong (2006-01-16). "OLE — Extending the Capabilities of PowerBuilder (Part 2)".

Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view HomepageSign in / Sign upKevin BeaumontBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingIT Security, from the trenches of reality. Now there is no error message popping up when the computer starts. Open the program and click Scan button to start. It worked like a charm!

The product will soon be reviewed by our informers. If you're not confident of performing the manual fix, it's recommended that you use this Error Fix Tool to automatically fix the problem. Programmer's Reference Library. Registry modification is kind of a complicated task for average computer users since there are thousands of registry entries, it is hard to spot out and clean every wasted one, no

Download ole.exe error fix tool Post navigation Prev How to Fix Nvcoafl5.sys ErrorNext What's NegmTV4a.exe?How to Fix it?Is it a virus? Is the fact that it doesn't appear to be included with 11g a problem? UserForm1/f contains the names and UserForm1/o the values. For instance, the .NET Framework SDK includes tools that can generate a proxy .NET DLL to access Automation objects using both early binding (with information about interfaces extracted from a type

We can also convert this sequence of hexadecimally encoded bytes using a decoder specially written for this. We appreciate your feedback. PagesAbout Blogroll gavin soorma WordPress.org WTF Categories: 11g 8i AIX ASM BMC Citrix Java VM OLE ORA-600 Oracle forms Oracle Names Performance PL/SQL Pro*C rman Security SQL*Net TDPO Uncategorized Unix Search: I suppose it is, although because it locates the ORACLE_HOME information from different registry settings, then it is possible that in some circumstances it may behave differently to the Oracle home

A new version of ole.exe file installed by another program is overwritten and is not compatible with other programs giving ole.exe error. started my Analysis on dec, 20 -> https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/62d721f15c25fa8da96f1dc2446209730fbeb96feda4d49ca36e5534678207c4/analysis/1419373825/ regards skippie Comment by stefan -- Tuesday 23 December 2014 @ 22:32 Ah, thanks for posting this sample. If you receive this error when you try to run a software or use a system function, you should know that your software or Windows system may have some issue. Microsoft Press.