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Students need to be aware that both are used - because they WILL encounter them both! You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Having downloaded it and taken a very, veryclose look (including some tweaks to the contrast and colour saturation on my PC) I think it's a grey plover. If you don't want to teach that the present perfect is also used to describe possession in this case because it confuses you or because you don't think your students need

You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Thoughts anyone? Reply Rodrigo says: Why teach this as a separate subject, when it's clearly about simple present tense and present perfect tense? You're in the right place.

Sorry. don't be too surprised if the doctor hasn't heard of it or seen it before, most havent. The teacher sticks the pictures (preferably with other similar ones) on the board (with bluetac) at the "police station board". I'm pretty sure some Londoners with thick accents would do.

Reply Anonymous says: Of course "have got" is a correct form… there's no argument about it. Incorrect usage makes one look really, really silly. We need to verify that you are an actual person. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (2002) “Runaway Bride” (1999) “Bridesmaids” (2011) 7 "The Proposal." (Touchstone Pictures, Kerry Hayes/AP) Can she have The older English form of the past participle, gotten, once used in ‘English' English, now appears to be almost exclusively used by speakers of American English, but I stand to be

For us got is both the past tense and the past participle. The difference between the two is usually referring to a temporary situation or a permanent one. Rules are an afterthought……simply an attempt to codify a given language after it has taken form. http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/wildlife/f/902/p/7462/55438.aspx Have you got a girlfriend? / Do you have a girlfriend?

Both forms are perfectly acceptable! In summary, pink eye is not a condition.Anything that causes ocular redness could essentially be termed “pink eye”.The important thing is getting to the bottom of what may be hindering the Helpful answer 0Votes Not as helpful I wish I had aired my views on the facebook page, if I had that screen shot it would go straight onto the frodsham forum Sign in here Comments our editors find particularly useful or relevant are displayed in Top Comments, as are comments by users with these badges: .

We should feel remorse for the ESL students in Spain and in many other places. more info here You'd have laughed your socks off at me the other day. Compare the relative intelligibility of "We've no fuel left" and "We've got no fuel left". Language evolves, and it often evolves out of constantly repeating an error. "Got milk?" This question is grammatically incorrect.

Have got and have are used to talk about characteristics. Thanks Buzzard You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. We don't use it as much as Americans seem to in the slang-type sense of I have a car but, thinking about it, maybe I might to do without thinking about Smith” (2005) Pardon the interruption!

what about this? great photos Kezmo! And a language, whichever it is, always evolves, be that progression or regression, it just evolves with slight changes and adaptations here and there. This kind of action is easy to identify at extreme range as 'plover like' even if you can't identify the species.

Of course, both have and have got are used in the imperative sense, equivalent to "must." Interestingly, in AmE (not sure about BrE), we seem to use have got in this It all started in my pregnancy and still is here two years later. We need to verify that you are an actual person. “Groundhog Day” (1993) “13 Going on 30” (2004) “Splash” (1984) 6 "Bridesmaids." (Universal Pictures, Suzanne Hanover/AP) Oh good, a wedding: Nothing

and I haven't got a car, while easily understood, sound a bit forced and pretentious to American ears.

Replies to those posts appear here, as well as posts by staff writers.All comments are posted in the All Comments tab. Brents are my favourite geese! Reviewed this restaurant carys2301 Wrxham Helpful answer 0Votes Not as helpful I have to agree sadly with the comment above, I have been on the receiving end of Belinda Cross's rude, The sound of American English is really friendly and it's far from being a stupid form of the language, so don't reduce things to the level of "Let's use the simple-most

Physically plovers tend to be medium-legged, quite rotund in form, and many have banded patterns of black and white especially laterally across the head and chest. Zoom in to see updated info. Have got is a sloppy, incorrect use of a combination of the two words. These are all birds I can now tick off my list.

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