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NVidia GeForce 8800GS GPU Over-heating! - 72c On Idle

Check out more information on our blog. If the air within the case is too warm then the video card is just pushing warm/hot air through the heatsink which isn't very helpful. There's really nothing in the NVidia Control Panel, at least that I can find. This may be very related to the problem others are having. http://nexwarecorp.com/nvidia-geforce/nvidia-geforce-4-mx-440-over-heating.html

What was concerning more so was the FAN SPEED remained the same, despite a dramatic jump in the activity. Did you install the driver after/in Win 10? I mean, I guess it's not a priority but hopefully there's some room for optimization in the rendering code or something. Not to mention that many people with beast systems are having this issue. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/nvidia-geforce-8800gs-gpu-over-heating-72c-on-idle-108c-on-load.853229/

Quite certain Steam wont be interested in refunding something I cant use since it isnt technically their fault. Put your hand back there and see if warm/hot air is coming out, and how hard. I started some troubleshooting.

AlienXXI09-26-2010, 07:24 AMhttp://img237.imageshack.us/f/99733241.jpg/ That is what happened when I messed with the fan speeds for when my cards are in SLI. So I did the next thing and began starting up other games to check their temps. Now it's fried. If your GPU is taking hot air from the motherboard or CPU heatsink, then it won't get as cool to start with.

Protoss. splud09-26-2010, 08:49 PMOk so i have tried some tests... I've just played X3 Terran Conflict, sent the GPU to 98C and CPU 70C, It stayed there for quite some time before I quit (it was around an hour or so). https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/451229/one-card-overheating-in-sli-9800gtx-/ OK I also tried this, as soon as the game proper starts the map is black and all the icons are flashing....If i play in Directx10 mode i get maybe 5

Ugly, but not as painful. This being said. 2.) No level of GPU load should - on its own - cause overheating problems. When you state that "video card manufacturers typically validate their cooling solutions to many hours of full load," implying then that all cards should run for many hours at full load, Any ideas anyone?!

No air cooled part can ever cool lower than ambient. Get More Information Could be a coincidence but i doubt it... So restarted Civ 5 and sure enough, the temp went right back up to 85C or so. I was searching explored tiles for Uranium one time - the other time I was just looking around at the different features of the terrain.

It CANT fry your video card. navigate here My card is an EVGA (nVidia) 8800GTS (640MB). I think it my be related to the newest drivers from nvidia but will have to wait and see. Your latter issue was a spec problem that had nothing to do with overheating.

Should I like increase the fan speed or something? Xsyon's graphics are average at best. Get Started! Check This Out As I have a dual screen setup, I put aside the Catalyst Control Centre with the temperature/activity/fan speed gauges in view (I have an ATI HD 5870) on one screen and

When the system is doing anything other than play wow the vid card stays at around 33c. Mind you i have Shadows set on Low... :P Cunk05-29-2010, 04:40 PMI've turned shadows off altogether. If the air within the case is too warm then the video card is just pushing warm/hot air through the heatsink which isn't very helpful.

Never have I seen such high temperatures playing videos games on this PC before.

The screen never recovers and the fan never slows despite cold air flowing out of the gpu vents. Forgot your Username? Is it worth it for me to upgrade, seeing as how 7100 should be even more out of date than 8800, even though my issues are no where near as bad Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the last reported temperatures before your crash/reboot.

Iggloo09-23-2010, 04:33 AMI will be submitting mine when I get home from work. Tell us what method you used. 6.Also what kind of TIM was used? 7.I take it the heastink was cleaned while you had it out so no dust. -Well you did more on directx 11 here http://sites.amd.com/us/game/technology/Pages/directx-11.aspx with 3d games, you're gonna have to get used to knowing your hardware, and how to tweak stuff to get the perfomance/temps you want for this contact form I have come across other posts who also are suggesting the same or similar.

And now its still happening. Inside the SpeedFan directory you’ll find some files like this ‘SFLog20090619-0001.csv’ These are the log files. My framerate tanked down to the point where the game was unplayable. 1fps, frame by frame action. They pull the same thing in World of Warcraft.

Forums Log In Shop Support Account Settings Games World of Warcraft® Diablo® III StarCraft® II Hearthstone® Heroes of the Storm™ Overwatch™ Forums GAMEPLAY General Discussion Terran Discussion Protoss Discussion Zerg Discussion So I adjusted the fan speed manually to 70% (from 30%), and this brought the temperature to a steady 60 degree celcius for much of the 20 minute gaming (noting that If you click one of the tags you should see options at the bottom like in this image: You need to go down the list of items and tick the ‘Logged’ You will need to click on the lock to unlock it, then check 'Enable Manual Fan Control' before adjusting the fan speed via the slider (higher is faster).