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Outlook 2003 Bogs Down Vista

Still having other "vista" problems… but this is finally usable. Steve March 15, 2007 at 2:47 pm No Dell pre-installed sw to remove, Skype not the issue. Select the Use Gaming Profile check box. If RAM is a constraint for the software you're running, then your computer will absolutely slow down. have a peek at these guys

The fact that starting in safe mode fixes the problem seems to point to 3rd party software, but I've disabled everything I can find to disable, and starting in Vista safe I'm working on my computer only in English, only using keyboard and mouse for input. Or would it bog down >> exchange similar to having tons of email in each of their own mailboxes? >> >> Guess i'm looking for a faster & easier system for Outlook itself is fine.

Mine is an upgrade of Office 2007 on top of XP SP2 (Corporate Image of Vista is not ready). I think Codeweavers need to update their supported software list or prepare for a class action law suit for false advertising. Steps so far: 1 - Disabled plugins for BCM, Unified Messaging, Sharepoint and PDF Maker. 2 - Turned off attechment preview (Trust Center -> Attachment Handling) 3 - Turned off header

We will review your feedback shortly. Does anyone have any experience if I follow the suggestions on this forum to remove the Outlookaddin program through the Control Panel if this might create other problems? What I said was that outlook worked fine in safemode - meaning *outlook* safemode. Anyone else on this issue?

You need to be specific since we are not sitting in front of your computer. thanks "Dave Nickason [SBS MVP]" <> wrote in message news:... > It's hard to say without knowing more about your mail volume, mailbox > sizes, etc. It has proven the most ridiculously effectively cure imaginable. In the Pause File Anti-Virus window, click Save.

You can also customize the types of stories it sends you. Wes Hsu Terence Johnson March 22, 2007 at 2:42 am After much fighting, I have speeded Outlook 2007 up to a useable state. Quote: Originally Posted by sobeit did you disable then reboot before giving outlook a try, Yep. BoiseGuy April 11, 2007 at 1:17 am specifics - Exchange 2003 as server (very large enterprise) Laptop with XPsp2, Office 2007 Desktop with Vista, Office 2007 PST exists on desktop and

But that doesn't help with the management > issue of messages being in private mailboxes but needing to be in a shared > workspace. > > I have one public folder Get More Info That means I can easily find old email correspondence, and that's a feature I value. Up in the Clouds Hopefully you are backing up your PCs and Macs so you don’t lose any of your irreplaceable data. Bottom line: I suggest caution before rolling this out over a network.

Regards John dave schmidt March 4, 2007 at 7:40 pm Hello. http://nexwarecorp.com/outlook-2003/outlook-2003-can-t-use-word-2003-as-email-editor.html Currently office policy is for users >>> to file (drag'n'drop) incoming e-mail messages into shared project >>> folders on the network (provided easy accesss for all). LiamK March 8, 2007 at 2:57 am I have no idea why Microsoft has not publicized this. Finally, we have a no questions asked return policy.

Webcam software after getting a web cam, instant messaging programs, Skype, Dropbox, Evernote, screen capture utilities, TrueCrypt, and so on. Now … well, not so much. I tried the Mike Bisson netsh fix (see posting 104) and it cured all. http://nexwarecorp.com/outlook-2003/outlook-2003-unable-to-find-connect-to-exchange-server-2003.html The other curious thing is that it's just vista that slows down - once I switch to an app (including outlook) they run just fine.

What if you could learn all this and not have to pay for it? sSQL := ‘INSERT... the junk mail folder has been improved: http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/downloads/CD101995361033.aspx now if they would only fix the other things, I caould actually use the program.

Everything works fine except for Outlook 07.

Also, Gary Slager retires! Merry Christmas! It's a shame to do this as the indexed search is useful. BLACKMAIL - Pure and simple There’s a new virus going around known by several names: CryptoWall, CryptoLocker, etc.

By: dkatwdsd on Mon, 09 June 2008 0 244 Mon, 09 June 2008 11:20By: dkatwdsd export email account infomation By: Mike Sannes on Mon, 09 June 2008 1 248 Mon, I've found a few bugs in Vista also but I'll limit my comments to Outlook. I removed SpamBayes (which worked with Outlook 2003 and prior) and it sped things up well into the acceptable level. news My questions to the people using Exchange are: Have you tried working offline to see if this affects your speed?