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Outlook Web Access Security Best Practices


Secure Outlook Web Access   Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-11 If you are using Outlook Web Access in your organization, review attachment blocking and Internet Explorer security zone configuration. The feature, which was introduced in Exchange 2007, originally supported only 5 file types. Related Articles Microsoft delivers nine bulletins on August's Patch Tuesday BY Dan Raywood Aug 15, 2012 Red October espionage campaign targets governments and organisations BY Dan Raywood Jan 14, 2013 Israeli This could also happen by clicking on a New Mail or Reminder notice! news

Exchange administrators should be aware that these options are enabled by default, so if file server access is a concern, make sure to turn these two options off. This can be very useful if you’re traveling and moving in and out of places where you have Internet access. In the study, the researchers attempt to understand how consumers decide to reveal sensitive information online. Were you able to return to the active OWA session without re-authenticating? Can you see how easily it could happen that a user thinks they have logged off by clicking on the red “X” … http://www.titus.com/titus-blog/2010/12/security-risks-and-considerations-with-outlook-web-access/

Outlook Web Access Security Best Practices

How will you keep it safe? The hack, spotted by US and Israel-based Cybereason, raises questions over the security of the Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) server which Cybereason says “uniquely” connects supposedly protected internal systems to Another risk with authentication is the possibility of password attacks. The network comprised around 19,000 endpoints.

This enabled the hackers to establish persistent control over the entire organisation's environment without being detected for a period of several months.” Analysing the report, UK cyber-security expert Sarb Sembhi, director Exchange administrators should be aware that these options are enabled by default, so if file server access is a concern, make sure to turn these two options off. Another security option to consider is turning off file access to remote file servers, specifically Windows File Shares and Windows SharePoint Services. Owa Security Settings Many users do not realize that when they view an attachment through OWA, they are creating a local copy in their Temporary Internet Files.

Test Case 1c: Accessing OWA without Authentication Another exposure occurs when a user opens a browser window to access an internet site, then opens a second window to log into OWA and subsequently closes By default, in Outlook Web Access 2003 and Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2000, attachment blocking is enabled. If you want to open an attachment instead of previewing it, save it to a folder or a location that’s easy to find, such as the Desktop, and then open it https://www.messageware.com/gaining-access-to-outlook-web/ The configuration can be deployed as a Group Policy object (GPO) to ensure consistency.

SOLUTIONS Data Classification Data Loss Prevention IP Protection Insider Threat Prevention Privacy Protection Mobile Data Security Cloud Data Security Encryption and ERM Archiving and Retention SharePoint Security Aerospace & Defense Financial Outlook Web Access Vulnerabilities The content you requested has been removed. Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Delivered by FeedBurner 13 Reasons to Classify Across the Enterprise Securing Office 365 and the Modern Add-in For EU GDPR Compliance, Accountability The default list of blocked file types in Outlook Web Access includes the default list that is used by Outlook 2003, plus XML files and specific MIME types.

Do The Benefits Of Implementing Owa Outweigh The Security Concerns?

All rights reserved. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Security-and-Privacy-in-Outlook-Web-App-727a553e-5502-4899-b1ea-c84a9ddde2af Staged Migration DualShield for OWA supports the concurrent use of both AD password and a second factor authentication for different users within the domain. Outlook Web Access Security Best Practices For instance, in a circumstance where a user or machine needs to be exempted from two-factor authentication, the network administrator can put the user or machine in the exception list. Securing Owa 2013 Outlook Web Access Ex-Israeli army security experts have discovered a backdoor into Microsoft's Outlook webmail server that was being used in a targeted APT attack to infiltrate a company for several

Microsoft considers the security of our products to be a top responsibility to our customers. navigate to this website Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of Haymarket Media's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Define the correct level of security for Internet Explorer in your organization, and deploy a standardized configuration to the desktops. It explains: “The attack involved a malicious module loaded onto Microsoft OWA which provided the attackers with complete backdoor capabilities. What Port Does Owa Use By Default?

Terms of Use and Privacy Statement ☰ Blog Home Why TITUS Contact About TITUS.com Blog Home Why TITUS Contact About TITUS.com Customers Events Newsroom Management Careers Contact Us « Simple, Case settled. Outlook Web Access and Outlook Web Access with the S/MIME control have been designed and engineered with strict attention to Web-based vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting, IFRAME manipulation, and other known, More about the author This enables a staged, non-interruptive migration of users to strong authentication when convenient & appropriate.

Couple that with the fact that there is no explanation of how/when the malicious files were created leads me to believe it was a targeted-attack by someone with administrative access to Outlook Anywhere Security This moment of forgetfulness allows the next user on the computer to gain access to that previous user’s OWA mail account without authentication. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

But the backdoor let in the attackers as well.

And it also explains why users are more likely to reveal personal information on informal social networking sites, like Facebook (which, interestingly enough, provides research funding to one of the authors The results are a bit surprising. Risks Associated with Attachments Attachments are one of the biggest security risks with OWA. If you were able to return to an active OWA session during any of these test cases, consider how easily the security of your email could be compromised by a distracted user.

FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditGoogle+PinterestEmail Related Posts Permalink Gallery The Challenges Companies Face Moving to Outlook Web Permalink Gallery Making Outlook Web App Your Default Mail Client Permalink Gallery How to Export Contacts From Outlook A more secure option is to use WebReady Document Viewing. Are you more concerned with answering as many emails as you can during your break than you are with the security risks of what you’re sending? click site Really the only thing that the report does well is create FUD and pat the security group on their collective back for finding this issue, and none of the pertinent details

Which brings me to today’s blog topic: Risks and Security Considerations with Outlook Web Access. And it’s even more important when users are in an informal environment, such as using Outlook Web Access (OWA) to check email at a public kiosk or on a laptop in What should I do when I'm done? Junk email and phishing Enable offline access on Outlook Web App You can use Outlook Web App on your laptop or desktop computer Forms-based authentication is more secure because it stores the username and password in a cookie, which is deleted when the user logs out or after a certain amount of time has

He told SCMagazineUK.com via email: “On the surface, it seems like Microsoft engineers didn't model the threats to OWA very well – when any technology plays such a strategic and critical