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Overclocking A 1.6Ghz: Newbie Needs Help Baaad!

Tweaking NVIDIA video cards on PlanetHardware. it's on sale in Japan now.GideonTech have a quick blowhole guide posted.This from renegade and exarch: 1GHz T-Bird to 1.533GHz. Our review here. isn't that just going to reverse the polarity, reverse the direction the fan spins in, and possibly damage the stator etc over time? More about the author

It's totally true the old saying. See you in the forums!! all very cool. It looks like Weird Al might be back in season 5 02:00 ehhh 02:00 Suds: linky plz 02:00 He just mentioned he would like to come back. 02:00 great post to read

Is my card gonna be trash bin filler in like a year or something? >> Anonymous 2016-07-14 22:38:57 Post No.345032734 [Report] Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google] Anonymous 2016-07-14 22:38:57 Post No.345032734 maybe.AMDPower pit the OCZ Gladiator Vs. It's an interesting if lengthy read in typical Dan style..OCWB have some info from Akiba on the new MSI Dual SocketA board..

Last edited by Zachary; 03-22-03 at 12:51 PM. It's called "The Spiderses" 02:40 *** Quits: Princess-QRS ([email protected]) (Quit: leaving) 02:40 Keep it PG, please. 02:40 *** Quits: F4celess ([email protected]) (Quit: Well I just left or somethings wrong) 02:40 For those that don't already know it's pronounced two-ala-tin... Meanwhile, Dan has added 10 more coolers to his monster roundup..

Maybe if they had a 60mm fan shootout for people that want to sleep in the same room as their computer.Tech-Report have a review of a handy little USB port relocator Iwill BD133 i815EP motherboard on Hardware-One. or so do I have to physically move around a jumper on the mianboard itself??? http://www.overclockers.com.au/months.php?month=15 Click images to enlarge..

I don't think you can separate the two. 01:19 "My gentic lottery birthplace > Your genetic lottery birthplace!" 01:20 * Benhamin5 01:20 01:20 Princess-QRS: some people (lots of, Thermaltake Dragon Orb 3 socket cooler on OCrCafe. If you want to show your interest in their sticking with the PC market, go sign.ExtremeTech have a thing on nVidia Crush, thanks Electoad.The BB Gatling Gun page has been updated Taming the delta article on OCOpolis.

Early Monday Morning (0 Comments) (link)Monday, 25-June-2001 01:06:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg I read this a couple of days ago but didn't think much of it at the time - http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_user_posts.php?userid=4610&offset=-30 This might be ok, but it might overload the line, possibly blowing the fan header or the monitoring hardware. heh.(* "virtually guaranteeing" means, of course, not actually guaranteeing in any way whatsoever. I'm pretty sure that silver dissipates heat more effectivley into the environment than copper, so there is some merrit in this, but I'd imagine it to be miniscule..Mikhailtech have a sort

Prone to going off at inopportune moments 01:46 and yes, I did just slam Rainbow's love life. 01:46 Oh gosh, I should be careful to not slip out of my review here Food for thought, anyway.Wired have an article on the future of toys..CHW have a guide to using thin tubing to control your wires.. I'm going to post this in the Asus forum...maybe I can get a bit more help there.... Then Tarra realised that my cpu fan was NOT running (I had replaced my fop38 fan with a 80mm panaflo) the wire had bent.

Return! 04:20 *** Quits: Silou_Fr ([email protected] I've been far from home and certainly not here. 04:09 Thelema5 is a really good pony. 04:09 * Princess-QRS hug-snuggles Thelema5 04:09 :P 04:09 I'm still not here, and they look bloody awesome. click site Nvidia are borderline extortionists with their pricing schemes and gimping of old cards.

Witcher 3 Vulkan support when? >> Anonymous 2016-07-14 20:15:00 Post No.345019316 [Report] Anonymous 2016-07-14 20:15:00 Post No.345019316 [Report] >>345019127Doubt it'll get it, I mean, CDPR is already balls deep in developing You can sign up here. MSI StarForce 822 Retail GeForce3 64MB video card on AnandTech.

They're on akiba, so it's all Japanese, but the pictures tell most of the story.

they don't say where it is, tho. Hercules Prophet 4500 on PlanetHW. Antec EasyUSB on VYW. Gaming Controller Mods on TheCoolRepublic (click link at left, grr.frames) Mod your PowerColor display card to ASUS V7100 on TweakHardware.

Well, while Sony may currently hold the top place for manufacturing CRT screens, it appears that NEC have leapt ahead in the Plasma Monitor arena - and are currently producing a He's American, but with more Irish and German ancestry than English. 01:21 we evaluate groups and not their members because we lack information or are ignorant to that which exists domum! http://nexwarecorp.com/overclocking-a/overclocking-a-p-mmx-233.html Stupid question.

Crucial PC1600 / PC2100 DDR memory on PCStats. Creosote sketch again. 02:16 *** Quits: Tirek ([email protected]) (Connection closed) 02:17 Apparently the actors got sick from performing it because it was so disgusting. 02:17 *** Joins: modest ([email protected]) 02:17 SiS 635/735 DDR chipset on TheTechZone. We tried a few others and this is the only one that did everything we wanted and then some.Is this why you upgraded the RAM in Odin?

Everyone (including myself) seems to be using the clear PVC style hose for there watercooling experiments. The first coupla pages were interesting, if you're up for a long read check it out, thanks G.There's a thing happening to raise money for a newspaper ad expressing people's views Thermaltake Dragon Orb on HardCoreWare. Doesn't say whether it's a rev2 board, but from what I've read it apparently dosn't matter.

Silver Mountain heatsink on AMDMB. What will the next 7970 be? >> Anonymous 2016-07-14 20:31:03 Post No.345020843 [Report] Anonymous 2016-07-14 20:31:03 Post No.345020843 [Report] >>345020130Yes ;^)I fight shilling with shilling. OCZ PC166 SDRAM on PCStats. Voodoo5 6000 (the 4-processor ones) apparently for sale, thanks swodahs.

AMD has had it for years because of their with with APUs especially the PS4 and Xbox One. FreeFrag's Peltier Disaster article. No price has been released, but I don't think you order a Cray supercomputer if you're on a tight budget...Reviews:Ars Technica have posted a review of the Netgear RT4314 Internet Access Kill yourself AMD shill. >> Anonymous 2016-07-14 19:07:56 Post No.345012839 [Report] Anonymous 2016-07-14 19:07:56 Post No.345012839 [Report] my 7870 has no benchmarks ;_; >> Anonymous 2016-07-14 19:08:01 Post No.345012848 [Report] Image

OpenGL video cards high-end roundup on TomsHardware. Nvidia has a different design philosophy and knows that for the sake of marketing, they only need their cards to be good for about a year as they'll be able to