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Dynamic Drive Overlay


With your current hard disk, you should be able to make >D: just shy of 128GB (137GB decimal) and C: occupy the rest up front. > >no- then I run afoul For the very beginning Before starting anything, I'd like to know if I can install XOSL without reinstalling anything? Not ever the evil people at esupport could help me.Vanguard wrote:>"Jeff W" wrote in message >news:[email protected]>> vanguard - you're on point as usual.>>>> C was fine. When trying to boot it, LILO stops with 'LI' When I disconnect my first drive, LILO boots up just fine. http://nexwarecorp.com/partition-magic/partition-magic-8-0-drive-letter.html

I can see the second partition| > being screwed, but not the bootable partition?| > What am I missing?So, I didn't indicate anything about C: either.|| Maybe I missed something else. However, I would think turning off LBA mode would have other consequences since you are changing the geometry translation used for the drive (i.e., you might have to delete all partitions This also prevents accidental booting from a floppy and consequential potential infection with some nasty virus. Then XOSLLOAD.XCF will load all XOSLIMGx.XXF files (the actual boot manager), and execute it.

Dynamic Drive Overlay

There are three things to booting: activating partitions, partition hiding, and the actual booting process. Windows 2000: Computer Management > Storage > DiskManagement Windows NT: Administrative tools > Disk manager Organize your data and Operating Systems by creating enough logical partitions. Nothing I can't afford to lose, but >>> too>>> much to backup elsewhere, and a bit of a time hit to rebuild it.>>>>>> I directed PM 8 to extend the D

Register Login Posting Guidelines | Contact Moderators Ars Technica > Forums > Hardware & Tweaking > Other Hardware Jump to: Select a forum ------------------ Hardware & Tweaking Audio/Visual Club Nothing I can't afford to lose, but too> much to backup elsewhere, and a bit of a time hit to rebuild it.>> I directed PM 8 to extend the D partition On the other hand though, I've been using it for years without problems, so... Maxblast 3 baldy Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Nov 19, 1999Posts: 1053 Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2001 8:12 am Been using the formatting utilites for years.

Windows NT original (without Service pack 4 or later) cannot. Ez-drive Download Have I installed the wrong driver? So when you told PartitionMagic to increase >the partition's size to 137 GB, you actually told it to create a >partition that was 137 * 2^30 bytes in size, which is https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=42113 And the remainder is unused in the extended partition.

When finished remove the MaxBlast CD, or Floppy and power cycle the system. Ez Drive Ma Windows NT 4.0 Not directly Yes Yes Yes (note: boot partition can be hidden) Windows 2000 ? SP2 includes SP1. Only then can the drive overlay be removed nondestructively.

Ez-drive Download

CF-M32 hibernates to a special type partition. http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?t=943226 Hiding Partitions in Windows NT or 2000 Q: When I boot Windows 2000, I get to the login dialog, but it goes into an infinite loop of trying to read/write my Dynamic Drive Overlay In order to make your life easier, buy a IBM drive instead of Toshiba. Ontrack Disk Manager Download After that it will continue loading hardware, and will stop at a prompt. (Where it says root # )Type "run_qtparted" - without the quotes - press enter.It will ask for mouse

You have disabled the primary onboard controller, (and have tried another PCI slot?). PETE "I was asking is whether anything is currently connected to the onboard IDE controller that would prevent disabling it." No, there's nothing on the Primary. If you make the first partition less than 8GB to boot Windows NT/2000, things will be just fine; but for Win95-Me, the rest partition will disappear whenever the scandisk utility runs Miscellanies How XOSL 1.1.x works Booting Windows or DOS from a second or later hard disk EZ-Drive and XOSL 1.1.x I lost LILO and Linux doesn't start anymore. Philscomputerlab

Sylvander04-20-2005, 11:29 AMPhoned him. but poof, from that pointon XP concluded there was no file system on that partition. SP2 includes SP1. my review here Sylvander04-20-2005, 05:28 AMAlternative Strategy The object of all of this: To get the use of "Drive Image" and "Partition Magic" programs, by eliminating the use of Drive Overlay Software.

In Windows NT use Disk manager in Administration tools. Any programs able to clone that drive? #8 dbarton, Mar 24, 2003 redbeard1 Diamond Member Joined: Dec 12, 2001 Messages: 3,006 Likes Received: 0 Ghost can clone just about anything. Let's take a 20GB drive and Win2000 installation for example.

If you don't have such a bootable disk, you can find it on the web, or make one on a Win98 machine.

I'd love to - but Symantec site tells me there are no upgrades> available for my program. Creating partitions But, how can you create 4 primary partitions with fdisk? - because, even when just one primary exists, fdisk says that "a primary partition already exists", and will not Install Windows 2000 on another logical partition (which can share the same bootloader as Windows NT). Hit F5, given the choice of F1 [create a set] & F2 [delete a set].

and then you'll have to apply Windows XP Service Pack 1, or later, to have the OS also support 48-bit addressing mode (see http://support.microsoft.com/?id=303013).-- _________________________________________________________________******** Post replies to newsgroup - Share Always make a backup of your data before uninstalling a drive. Where did they mention that C: disappeared or became unusable? http://nexwarecorp.com/partition-magic/partition-magic-messed-up-my-hard-drive-windows-7.html Most versions of DOS fdisk can't create more then one visible primary partition and one extended partition.

If you get stuck call maxtor if it is a maxtor drive. If backing up that system area one should always include the whole of track-0 and not just the mbr. If you do want NTFS, you can do this later with the "convert" command. Detailed instructions follow: Prepare yourself one primary partition for installation of Windows 9x and of course one logical partition for running Windows 9x.

Lastly, to boot, XOSL loads the first sector of the selected partition to memory address 0000:7c00, and will execute it. FAT32. (MAXTOR IDE)>>Partitions: C: (system) 16GB D: 102GB >> >>The D partition is used to hold backups and 'scratch' data, and>>installations of kids games. If this is the case, your alternate plan is sound if you are alright with it. FAT32. (MAXTOR IDE)| Partitions: C: (system) 16GB D: 102GB|| The D partition is used to hold backups and 'scratch' data, and| installations of kids games.

You think it would be a good idea to have BOTH disabled? Be sure to use a floppy for installation of XOSL for later restore and uninstall ;-)! More later... Wipe the drive, zero-fill it, and rebuild it from scratch.

If you want more partitions than just the current C:, then just use Disk manager in your Administrative tools to assign them the letters you want. Use the 80GB HDD connected to the on-board Primary IDE Controller; keep C: & D: small [MOST IMPORTANT]; use "Simple Backup" to make backups [of C: & D:] to CD-RW's [rather If you make a single partition, Windows won't boot one day when system files required during OS loading expands over 8GB. XOSL can do the job.