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Partition Magic 7 Problems (1024 Cylinder 'Boot Code Boundary')

Note that ECHS does not change the number of sectors per track, so if that is not 63, the limit will be lower. Linux accepts 85 as a synonym for 05 - this is useful if one wants to have extended partitions past the 1024 cylinder limit (to prevent DOS fdisk from crashing or Space beyond the 1,024th cylinder always remains invisible. It is provided on an 'as-is' basis, in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. http://nexwarecorp.com/partition-magic/partition-magic-v8-powerquest-1024-boundary.html

My advice would be to install it onto an otherwise empty disk. It is an extension to FAT which allows Windows 95 "long filenames" (which it stores in an invisible area on disk). After reinstalling Ubuntu for at least 10 times to verify this, I confirm that when using GPartEd Live CD to prepare the HDD for Ubuntu installation solves the misalignment issue. Note that disk names will be different after reordering.) 2.14 Acknowledgements A lot of useful information was supplied by various people: Thomas Wolfram ([email protected]) - the author of os-bs, Peter this

Create partitions The fourth type of invocation: sfdisk device will cause sfdisk to read the specification for the desired partitioning of device from its standard input, and then to change the Consequently, this number can be at most 4095, and only 4095*16*63*512=2113413120 bytes are accessible. If all else fails, this will always work. It happened when you would resize the C: partiton.

The [operating systems] section defines the choice of operating systems which the NT Loader can boot. In Windows NT, it is called the Disk Administrator. See Cannot View NTFS Logical Drive After Using FDISK. This is probably a bug.

Also other programs or systems use this 'partition hiding'. it is really quite informative. It has many of the features of commercial Unices, although is not quite as powerful as NTFS (yet). Partition System Types Every primary partition and logical drive has a Hello: I have included the error msg in the attachment.

Drive letters in Windows NT, Drive letters in Windows 2000 for unsupported partition types. 2.11 Limits The partition table describes the location of partitions both in 1-dimensional ('LBA') and in 3-dimensional am I just physically just ruining my computer? Are you running XP? The MBR loads the boot sector for the partition containing Windows 95 (since this is the active partition).

Hiding a partition involves changing the partition system type value in the partition table so that operating systems do not "see" it. http://rozanski.org.uk/multboot Note that of an extended partition only the Id and the start are used. Unless I created a blank track or cylinder between the DRDOS partition and the immediately following one, DRDOS would happily stamp all over the start of the next partition. Why Use Partitions? Most preconfigured PCs have one disk with one partition.

Truncate c to 1022, writing (1022, #heads-1, #sectors). 2c. useful reference You can do this because Partition Magic and Boot Magic have the ability to hide and unhide partitions. Advanced Format disks use 4096-byte sectors internally, but they've got firmware that "translates" each sector into eight 512-byte sectors; the OS sees the disk as having the more common 512-byte sector Either method will erase your current partitions, so you'll need to re-install Linux.

Windows NT stores a 4-byte "disk signature" or "volume ID" starting at offset 0x1b8. This leads to problems when changing the partition table with 3rd party tools. This aggression was built into FASTFAT.SYS at a fairly late stage, and prerelease versions work without problems. my review here This process is illustrated in the following diagram.

Are you running XP? There are several ways to do this. DOS will stop investigating logical partitions in a given extended partition as soon as a non-DOS partition is encountered. (DOS recognizes partition types 1, 4, 6 and 5 for extended.) Systems

NOTE: The partitioning of space for the Ubuntu installation can be done from within the installation procedure by selecting the custom partitioning option instead of "side by side", etc.

Loading... When some other partition handler, like Partition Magic 4.0, changes the type of a large extended partition from 05 to 0f, OS/2 loses access. Physical sectors at ROM BIOS INT 13h level are always 512 bytes in size, but other devices may require support for other sector sizes in the operating system. A list of common partition system types is given in the Appendix.

On the software side, there are Disk Managers, that circumvent the BIOS and go directly to the hardware. So, I ran msinfo32 on windows then checked the specs of my hard drive and it said that it was split up into 512 sectors, not 4096. The 8.4 GB limit Finally, if the BIOS does all it can to make this translation a success, and uses 255 heads and 63 sectors/track ('assisted LBA' or just 'LBA') it get redirected here Physical sectors at ROM BIOS INT 13h level are always 512 bytes in size, but other devices may require support for other sector sizes in the operating system.

DRDOS on the other hand expects zero to four entries in an extended partition table sector. Filesystems A filesystem is the means by which data on disk is physically organised and catalogued into files, directories and so on. Windows NT will run many DOS, Windows 3.x and Windows 95 programs (but not all - specifically, not badly-behaved programs which try and access devices directly). Thank you for your help BlindekinderOctober 28th, 2011, 08:07 PMOk, I started on live-oneiric, then I re-partitionated all with gparted, letting it choose the start point ('align on Mo'), which I

Size your partitions carefully. and is this the illusion that srs5694 was talking about and is msinfo32 wrong? Hard drives over 8.4 GB are supposed to report their geometry as 16383/16/63. the next extended partition, 3.

See Also cfdisk(8), fdisk(8), mkfs(8), parted(8), partprobe(8), kpartx(8) Availability The sfdisk command is part of the util-linux-ng package and is available from ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux-ng/. You can then use Linux tools to create Linux partitions that are properly aligned -- but the details of how to do this vary with the tool and even the version FAT32 This is the filesystem used by the "OSR2" version of Windows 95. (This is a version of Windows 95 shipped preinstalled on some PCs after the initial launch of Windows See Windows NT 4.0 Supports Maximum of 7.8-GB System Partition and Windows NT Partitioning Rules During Setup and Boot Partition Created During Setup Limited to 4 Gigabytes and Windows NT Does

Some versions of Linux fdisk used 2a or 2c, and this confuses OS/2 fdisk - cf. In order to remain as compatible as possible with existing DOS standards, this works a little bit different and requires a special 5th partition entry in front of the other four SCSI is more scalable, supporting up to seven heterogeneous devices (disk, CD) per SCSI host adaptor. It presents a list of options to the user, which in this instance would be Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Because Advanced Format drives present the illusion of 512-byte sectors, some disk utilities give incorrect information about them. Use gdisk to convert the disk from GPT to MBR form, as described here. (http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/mbr2gpt.html#gpt2mbr) This will preserve your existing Ubuntu installation, although it will be rendered unbootable until you re-install Terminology I'll start by explaining the relevant terminology. As with using a Toshiba tool, this poses some risk of data loss, so I recommend backing up first.

Partition Magic supports FATxx, NTFS, HPFS and the Linux ext2 filesystems (not Solaris/Intel). And in any case, you will typically have a number of other partitions containing data, programs etc. Fortunately you can override the default drive assignment in Windows NT using the Disk Administrator or Partition Magic. Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads Useful Searches Recent Posts More...