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Password Protect Website Php


Well written and easy to understand...Thanks Z - Jaffa Designs (Australia) http://www.unaking.com/password_protect.phpasta October 15, 2007Zubrag, How do I do this (similar to earlier post): - make access to protected web page We are looking to do things on the site for members only. I tried below code and did not work: if ($check == "Ok"){ header('Location: http://localhost/containertrucking/websitex/menu.html'); die(); else header('Location: http://localhost/containertrucking/websitex/index.html'); die(); } Thanks in advance for your help.Paige February 1, 2008I love the The PHP header command won't do that because it cannot have anything else written to the screen first. navigate to this website

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. file. Open script in your browser with "help" parameter to see the line of code to add to every page you would like to be password protected. Notice the password is encrypted though. http://www.zubrag.com/scripts/password-protect.php

Password Protect Website Php

I feel like providing a website log in will limit potential employers interest. September 21, 2006it still doesnt work Brian September 23, 2006I was wondering if there would be a way to save the login in the cookie so that you could access the Thanks :) BlahBlah Permalink to comment# January 15, 2009 Yes, but you need to know the password in the first place to get to the encrypted password, so if you don't David Walsh Permalink to comment# July 23, 2008 I've found that some servers show me hidden files and others refuse to.

andrew.vos [anti-spam] gmail.com November 8, 2006why doesn't the password work except for the last line in the code? And so easy to use. Since the day it was installed the board has not had one single spam registration. How To Put A Password On A Website Google Chrome But the stakes have been very low in those instances (no real personal info, no ecommerce, no member databases to inject).

Thanks! Password Protect Website Htaccess It would be nice to know that what I'm using for him is basically secure. Remember to keep all PHP and META code ;) Here's my try: http://www.utblas1.se/formedlemmar.php It's in Swedish, but you see what can be done. Thanks, RichShawn February 6, 2007I've tried to edit the cookie portion out of the script to no avail.

OF all that has been mentioned, could you tell me how to set up a password protected page where each member can use their email address as their login and choose Password Protected Website Wordpress Karl Hi Guys, I wonder if you could offer some assistance please? Thank you for your response. I got it working very quickly with the helpful forum instructions.

Password Protect Website Htaccess

I'm trying to use it as a redirect, so far so good!!! useful reference One question I have is if it is possible after implementing the login/password form (user has to input both fields) on the main page of a website, to have it redirect Password Protect Website Php Re direct it to a blank page that contains a link with the Javascript code (You Must Click Here to Finish Logging Out!!!!! ) to force browser to close. Password Protected Website Free Será muito útil para o meu site.

December 14, 2007Works great! http://nexwarecorp.com/password-protect/password-protect-a-workgroup.html Small question: is there a way to protect a folder with this same script? (I'm using it for a webpage with pictures, and it works gerat, but somebody can still write Any ideas? Obviously, I am floundering... Html Password Protect Link

In other code templates you can choose to redirect these users to a different page altogether. 5 Test it out. WORKS GREAT!! At present if they move to other page son the web site they can just re-enter the password protected page and it is not until the browser is shut down entirely http://nexwarecorp.com/password-protect/password-protect-uninstall.html Flag as duplicate Thanks!

Flag as... Godaddy Password Protect Page Are there any other settings I need to put in?Hartmut January 16, 2008I love it. I finally found this article explaining another way to do it (and maybe the only way on GoDaddy) - http://help.godaddy.com/article/4057#protect Maria Permalink to comment# July 28, 2008 Have you ever seen

please some one help meAntispam March 14, 2008PERFECT!

Can the password be auto-supplied forexample,maybe likeso: http://[email protected] so that reader doesn't have to be bothered by it?asta October 15, 2007I found the answer digging in the forum. You need an advanced solution, a website builder won't do the job as they aren't yet ready to merge payment and membership areas. You rock!E-man August 30, 2007VERY Cool! Jquery Password Protect Page Is it: I tried but it didn't work. 'zubrag' => 'root', 'admin' => 'adminpass' ?

I'm rather new at this stuff. In any case, do you think this could be a browser issue, or something in the way the host sets it up? How to protect the target URL destination?roysorin [anti-spam] gmail.com March 20, 2007hii this is very good system login :) March 21, 2007Thanks much for making this, Zubrag!!! get redirected here first of all: sorry for my bad english! (i'm italian) i've tried this script but it doesn't work...i upload the php file, then open the help section...

You can create multiple user accounts, and automatic/manual logouts. However, the example include line starts off with: include("/home/users...") How (or if) does "/home/users..." relate to what I need to work with: www.abc.com In other words, I don't have access to However, what I cannot figure out is how to: "Open script in your browser with "help" parameter to see the line of code" - as instructed. Anton Eicher Permalink to comment# July 23, 2008 To Robert Augustin: MD5 is a one-way cryptographic hash function.